Dagorhir is a nation-wide foam-fighting sport that brings together a tough physical combat game with fantasy elements. Here in Eastern North Carolina, where many fighters are Marines that come and go, we have chosen to name our Dagorhir realm Randir, or “wanderer” in Tolkien’s Elvish.

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Photo credit: Jenna M. Miller Photography

How do you play Dagorhir?

There are a lot of rules about how to play Dagorhir, but the most important thing is your honor. The saying goes, “hit hard, take light,” meaning respect your fellow combatants and accept any hits they land on you, while also making sure there’s no confusion as to whether you hit them. Anyone can be taught the rules of combat, but only you have control over your honor.

How do I join Dagorhir?

Dagorhir is made up of “units” that are grouped geographically into “realms,” also called “chapters.” You can join a unit (like these, which are represented in Randir), or start your own. Each unit has their own rules about becoming a member. As for joining Randir practices, all you have to do is show up and pick up a weapon and get on the battlefield. There are no membership dues, but everyone must sign a Dagorhir waiver for events, and minors must have a waiver signed by a legal guardian before practicing.

Do I have to fight in order to join?

No – there are many roles for non combatants! You can craft weapons, garb, armor, or other things; supply food and water during fighting; provide photography or videography or blogging; camp with your group at events… the list goes on.

Where and when do you practice?

We currently hold realm practices every Sunday (except battle weekends) at 12pm at Northeast Creek Park in Jacksonville, NC. Occasionally, units hold their own practices at different times and locations. You can ask any questions on our Facebook group.

I’m only in Eastern North Carolina for a short time, and I want to play Dagorhir when I go back home or move elsewhere. Where can I find more realms?

You can use this interactive map to find other existing Dagorhir realms, or you can try the Dagorhir website. You can visit the Dagorhir Battles Games Facebook group for information, as well.